Welcome to the Berlin International Spirits Competition FAQ Page. Please contact us if you do not find your answers here.

What is your overall goal for the competition?

Our overall goal with all of our competitions within the International Beverage Competition Group  is to be the most respected international beer, spirits and wine competition in the world.

Does our Spirits have to be available in Germany or Europe?

We get this question a lot.  Our only requirement is that the spirit is commercially produced somewhere in the world.  Approximately 18% of the spirits submitted are not available in Europe.  So if your spirit is made in Peru or China or Germany...yes if it is commercially produced you may submit to our competition.

What if I want to submit a lot of spirits?  Do you offer a volume discount?

Please contact us directly at adam.l@berlinintlcomp.com with your question.

Why only trade buyers on the panel?

It is our belief that experienced trade buyers truly know what consumers want. A buyer will try something and may personally not like it but know it will sell. At the same time a buyer will really like something personally but know it will not sell. This all comes from years of experience and knowing what sells through and what sits on a shelf. The press does not get this type of feedback from the consumer.

Why do you also judge by price?

Everyone from the trade to the consumer buys on price. In one of our first competition’s one of our judges complained that he was unable to decide which ten Irish Whiskies in front of him he would buy for he did not know the price. The need to know as when a consumer walks into a store and asks, “what do you recommend for this price range”. That is why we inform the judges what category they are judging along with the actual retail price.

Why did you start the competition?

That is a great question. Adam Levy our founder was reading an article in the Malt Advocate (Best whiskey magazine in the USA and now named Whiskey Advocate) that was questioning why their reviews were different from competitions results. The article’s research showed that a well know spirits competition on the West Coast on average awarded a medal to over 84% of the brands that submitted. That horrified him and believed that New York deserved its own respected competition that had a much different philosophy on medals and judging.

We are now in our 8th Year since we created the New York International Spirits Competition.  Seeing the success and the quality of the competition process that we were asked to create one in Europe.


Why different type of Trade Buyers on your panel?

We do our best to create diverse panels of trade buyers. We don’t just have one filed with mixologists and another one with distributors. Each group of buyers actually have different needs and customers. This helps creates a balanced decision as each spirit is judged by its category and price.  The judges are also from around Europe which also gives the panel of judges more than one opinion of their customer.

Why should I participate in your competition versus other ones?

There are other competitions out there here in Europe and throughout the world that judge all spirits as well as specific ones that judge only a certain type of spirit. Though we believe we are the only Trade Only Judging competition that judges its spirits based upon its category and actual price. We are also not a medal factory like other competitions and trade buyers respect our results for they know their peers are the judges.

What other competitions do you run? Through our International Beverage Competitions group we  also have the New York International Beer Competition ,  New York International Wine Competition New York International Spirits Competition  Melbourne International Spirits Competition and Melbourne International Wine Competition.

How are the results posted?

The results will be posted here on our website as well as released by our public relations firm. Our media sponsors will also be publishing the results in their media outlets. We also have a strong relationship with other media including online media and invite them to our tasting experiences as well as share our feedback with them.

How else do you promote the winners?

We are often quoted and referenced by consumer and trade media outlets.  We exhibit at major trade tasting events showcasing our winners including Prowein and Bar Convent.

Do you pay your judges like other competitions?

We do not give our judges any monetary funds beyond paying their travel expenses, food and lodging during the competition.  The judges enjoy spending time with each other and learning about what is selling and not selling in each other countries.

Do you receive any sponsorship from any distributors or importers?

To maintain our independence we seek nor receive any funds from any importer, distributor or organization. We are completely funded by the submissions.  The owners of the company also do not have any ownership or equity with any Liquor Producer, Importer, Distributor, Restaurant, Retail Store etc...anywhere around the world.

Do you have a magazine so I can buy an ad

Adam Levy is our founder and also the Alcohol Professor which is becoming a well read and respected beer, wine and spirit website for the consumer and trade. Unlike other questionable high quantity of winners competitions that are directly tied to magazines.... we accept NO ADVERTISING from any liquor company. We don't want the consumer or the trade to think that if they buy a full page ad they get more medals.

Do you have any ownership in any of the distilleries that submit

Adam Levy our founder purposely has no ownership in any restaurant, bar, distributorship, importer, distillery or anything that involves liquor sales outside of his public stock ownership in his retirement fund in Vanguard.

Where do we ship our submissions?

Berlin International Spirits Competition

C/O Uwe Wagnuller

Winterfeldstrabe 48

10781 Berlin Germany

EORI #DE447487142313819

v.  +49 3031878749

USA Voice 9173380163 x 1




What if we are not in the Europe or Germany and want to enter the competition?

We have several brands who are looking to enter the Germany and or European market and believe this is a great opportunity to get their brands in front of real trade buyers. Some brands have no interest in being imported in Europe and simply want to know how their spirit ranks against their competitors.


What if we want to submit before October 1st 2017

We understand that brands sometimes need to submit and or ship before the official opening for submissions. Please contact us to make special arrangements.

I do not want to use my credit card. May I wire you the money?

We do respect your credit card security and you can submit your payments through Stripe. . If you want to do a wire transfer email us at adam.l@berlinintlcomp.com for our bank information.

What if my spirits are stuck in customs and I miss the deadline?

It is unfortunate and it happens with every competition. There are always a few submissions stuck in customs that miss the main tasting. All spirits submitted and paid for will be judged. We have already planned for a smaller judging panel a few days after February 22nd for the remaining stragglers.


I like to drink..can I be a judge?

We do get that question often at our tasting events and in emails to our website. There are many qualities we seek in our judges but the only and most important one is if you are a real trade buyer!   Please feel free to send over your information and we will contact you as time permits as most of our seats are already filled.