March 12, 2016

3rd Annual Berlin International Spirits Competition Announces the Winners

The 3rd Annual Berlin International Spirits Competition was held on February 21st-22nd, 2016. Close to 200 spirits from around the world were judged by the trade-only judging panel. Trade Buyers from more than seven countries in Europe judged the spirits in a blind taste test by their category and actual price.

The Berlin International Spirits Competition is part of the International Beverage Competition Group, which also includes the New York International Spirits Competition and the Melbourne International Spirits Competition. The International Beverage Competition Group was founded by Adam Levy, the Alcohol Professor.

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Middle West OYO Bourbon Michelone Reserve

Talisker 10yr


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Michel Jodoin Calijo


Atomic Gin

Coltswold Dry Gin

Spirit of Njord Distilled Sand and Sea


Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Vodka


Aberfeldy 12 Yr Single Malt

Aberfeldy 21yr

Buchanan 12yr Old

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Cleveland Whisky Black Reserve

Dewars 12 Year The Ancestro

Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Collection The Royal Route

Johnnie Walker Explorer Club

Johnnie Walker Double Black

Middle West Spirits OYO Pumpernickel Rye Whiskey

Mortlach Single Malt Scotch 18yr

Palmetto White Lightning Moonshine



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Cachacaria Barreto Silva Cachaca Organica Sanhacu


Big Bottom Oregon Gin Barrel Finish

Blu Spirits Zephyr Gin Black

Broken Hearts Gin

Spirits of Njord Distilled Mother Nature

Stonecutters Spirits Single Barrel Gin



MQI Ultra Premium Handcrafted Maqui Liqueur Blend

Son Tinh Premium Liquor Minh Mang

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Wyborowa Polish Discoveries Cherry from Vistula Region

Copenhagen Distillery MC Liqueur


Rum-Bar Rum White Overproof


Bluebird Distilling Vodka

Hermes Spirits EDEN

Infigo Vodka

Middle West OYO Vodka


Bear Gully Classic Reserve Bourbon

Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon

Coal Isla Single Malt Scotch 12yr

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Dewars 12yr Old Scratched Cask

Dewars 15yr The Monarch

Dewars 18yr The Vintage

Dewars White Label Scratched Cask

Dry Fly Cask Strength Wheat Whiskey

Gold Bar Whiskey

J&B Rare

Mortlach Single Malt Scotch

Old Pulteney 12 yr

Old Pulteney Navigator

Wemyss Vintage Malts Peat Chimney



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Middas Cachaca



Gordon Castle Distilled Gin

Law Premium Dry Gin

London Distillery Liverpool Gin

Eau Claire Distillery Parlour Gin

NB Gin Navy Strength Gin


Zephyr Gin Black

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Amaro Mondino

Cazcabel Coffee Liqueur

Dos Mas Pink Shot

Kawar Arak 45

Kawar Arak 53

Jadran Matsup

Son Tinh Premium Liquor Nhat Da


Dog Island Beer Barrel Aged Rum

Kirk & Tucker Rum 12 Yr

Summum Cognac Finish

Takamaka Coco Rum

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Glass Distillery Vodka

Swiss Vodka Elation Hemp Flavored Vodka


anCnoc 12 Yr

Bluebird Distilling Four Grain Bourbon

Dewars Signature

Dewars White Label

Mortlach Single Malt Rare Old

Middle West Oloroso Wheat Whiskey

Middle West Spirits OYO Rye Whiskey Unaged

Speyburn 10 Yr

White Spirits

V.I.E.R Denmark



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Canada Distillery of the Year

Ciderie Michel Jodoin

Canada Gin Distillery of the Year

Eau Claire Distillery

Chile Liquor of the Year

MQI Liqueur

Denmark Distillery of the Year

Spirit of Njord

Estonia Distillery of the Year

Hermes Distillery

Germany Liqueur Shot of the Year

Dos Mas Pink Shot

Jamaica Distillery of the Year

Worthy Park Estate

Israel Distillery of the Year

Sons of Baheeq Kawar

New Zealand Distillery of the Year

Broken Heart Spirits

Poland Distillery of the Year


Seychelles Distillery of the Year

Trois Freres Distillery

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Vietnam Distillery of the Year

Son Tinh

United Kingdom Gin Distillery of the Year

Coltswood Distilling Company

United States Distillery of the Year

Middle West Spirits

United States Vodka Distillery of the Year

Caledonia Distillery

United States Unaged Whiskey of the Year


United States Distilled from Grape Vodka of the Year

Glass Distillery Vodka

Aquavit Distillery of the Year

V.I.E.R Denmark

Cachaca of the Year

Cachacaria Barreto Silva Cachaca Organica Sanhacu

Flavored Vodka of the Year

Swiss Vodka Elation Hemp Flavored Vodka

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Innovative Whiskey Distillery of the Year

Cleveland Distillery

Blended Scotch Brand of the Year

Johnnie Walker

Blended Islay Bottler of the Year

Wemyss Vintage Malts

Highland Scotch Distillery of the Year

Old Pulteney

Scotch Distillery of the Year


Wheat Whiskey Distillery of the Year

Dry Fly Distillery

12 Yr Single Malt Scotch of the Year

Aberfeldy 12 year

18 Yr Single Malt Scotch of the Year

Mortlach 18yr Single Malt

21 Yr Single Malt Scotch of the Year

Aberfeldy 21 year