Invitation to Participate

Adam Levy, founder of competitionWe are pleased to invite your distillery to participate in our upcoming 4th Annual Berlin International Spirits Competition (BISC) this March 5-6th 2017 . This international spirits competition will be held at the beautiful Berlin Kempinski Hotel.

After the success of running the New York International Spirits Competition in November 2010, vintners from around the world asked us to replicate this successful competition with wine. We started by founding the New York International Wine Competition, and were excited by the 700+ submissions that we received in our first year in 2011. What sets us apart from other international beverage competitions is our TRADE ONLY blind judging panel, and the wine industry has continued to take notice as our competitions have grown.

The respect that the New York International Wine Competition has garnered led wine producers, importers, distributors, retail store buyers and sommeliers to ask us to bring this same philosophy to Europe. This is why we are proud to add the Berlin International Wine Competition and the Berlin International Spirits Competition to the International Beverage Competition Series. Like our New York competition, in Berlin our judges will be the retail store buyer, sommelier, restaurant beverage director, hotelier, distributor, mixologist, and importer. We feel that these judges, whose livelihood rely upon their skill set, truly know what the consumer wants, as they receive on a daily basis the feedback from the consumer of what is good and what will sell. We gather the best and brightest buyers in Europe to be our judges -- our panels have included beverage industry professionals from Austria, the UK, France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and more.

The International Beverage Competition Series also includes the New York International Beer Competition, the Melbourne International Spirits Competition, the Melbourne International Beer Competition, and the Melbourne International Wine Competition.

Key Benefits to Participating in BISC:

a sample of a spirit in a glass• Recognition by the trade

• Award Winners will be able to use their awards (Double Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze) in their marketing materials at no charge

• Award Winners will be listed in our online database

• Competition results will be distributed to our international media partners, as well as international importers who rely on our competition to help them determine which products boast the best quality in their price range

• Top winners will be showcased at tasting events throughout the year, including our booth at ProWein at no additional charge.  We also include winners in our lifestyle website www.alcoholprofessor.com.

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Adam Levy

Founder of the International Beverage Competition Series
Founder of AlcoholProfessor.com